About me

The first thing you’ll notice about me when we meet is the distinct lack of shoes. Yes, I really am a conscious barefooter. There’s also no tie or business attire. I did the whole “professional business person” thing years ago and it didn’t work for me. You’ll meet someone who cares more about you than your money, or how I look.

Many moons ago I went straight from school into a job as a teller in a bank and shot up the ladder rather quickly. By the time I was twenty-six I was managing my own bank branch. I loved the work, but hated the bank culture and hated the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Keeping the story short, twenty years ago I left banking to pursue a career in mosaic art. Continued to this day, I love making and teaching art. As it turned out I was pretty good at it with commissions coming from all around Australia and even the world.

Something funny happened though, when a couple of years ago I took on the books for a local community organisation. I also helped a couple of friends get ready for their tax. I remembered my talent for numbers and math. I recalled how easy it was for me, and how I absolutely loved and felt rewarded by taking people’s stress about money away.

Excited about the prospect of helping people like this, I went and undertook formal study in Accounting and Bookkeeping to get qualified for this type of work. Tick – that’s done, and completed in less than half the time because of my love for numbers and spreadsheets.

So a new chapter in my life begins. Now I’m a qualified bookkeeper, a financial de-stress agent, as well as an artist, a food gardener and a lover of music, people, and nature!

P.S. By the way, if you’re interested in mosaics (another guaranteed stress buster) or food gardening, visit my sites linked below:

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