Frequently Asked questions

Are you qualified?

Yes, I’ve recently completed a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping to update my skills, and I have a 20-year career in Banking and Finance to draw on. Additionally, I’ve been a sole trader for 25 years, so I know the ropes!

How regularly do you update my books?

It’s completely up to you based on the support you need. I can update your books annually for tax purposes, quarterly for your BAS, or monthly to assist you with management. Alternatively, I can update them whenever you need, such as when your bank requires it.

How much do you cost?

Generally speaking, I offer a fee-based service at $60 per hour. If you need ongoing services like bookkeeping, I’m happy to discuss a negotiated monthly or quarterly rate. Additionally, if you decide to use cloud-based accounting software, subscriptions start at $20 per month and could be higher depending on your needs.

Can you do my BAS?

No, I can’t prepare your BAS or tax returns; they’ll need to be prepared by your accountant or BAS agent (or yourself). However, my job is to ensure your figures are accurate and reconciled, making these returns much simpler to prepare. In some cases, your accounting fees might be reduced.

Can you do anything for me if I get a salary or wage?

Sometimes, but not always. If you feel you’re in control of your finances and receive a regular pay, you’re probably good. However, if you don’t feel in control, need help working out where your money’s going, or need to set a budget, I can help.

Do I come to you or do you come to me?

My ongoing services are designed to happen without face-to-face meetings and can be conducted via Phone, Email, and/or Zoom to save us both time and money with travel. However, I do understand the value of face-to-face meetings, especially the first time we meet. We can meet at my place in Reesville (near Maleny Qld) or travel to you (for a fee) whenever it’s necessary or valuable for you.